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Don't Give Up!
A Place for Grobies in Need of Cheer
For sherryholt 
20th-Nov-2008 12:21 pm
This post is for Sherrehead, because she is feeling quite sad.

Josh: Sherry, don't be sad! It makes me sad. :(

Sherry: I can't help it. I'm sad.. everything's going wrong!

Josh: Well, we're going to have to do something about that, aren't we?

Josh: Will this stuffed animal make you feel better?

Sherry: Nope. *stubborn*

Josh: *fails at giving a Scottish accent* Alrigh'ty then. I'm gunna do mah best scottish accent for yer to cheer yer up. Kinda like that lad David Tennant. These glasses will help me look suave like him, eh?

David Tennant: Dude.. no.. just no. WTF. I resent that!

Josh: *still giving the bad accent* Yes, lad. Yer know, (this has always bouvered me) as a fashion expert, why do yer clothes always look like it came from curtains or table cloths? They are absolutely hideous!

David: Well, Mister fugly scarf endorser, I happen to dress that way because the fabulous table cloth patterns flatter my eyes. What's your excuse?

Josh: They happen to keep my neck warm. Dude, I have a long neck, okay?

David: Whatever. Anyway, Sherry, don't be sad! Would going into the Tardis make you feel better? I swear it's not weird........ unlike me.

Josh: Or would you rather sit with me on my piano and I'll sing a song for you. Your choice. Me or teh Alien Boy, who isn't REALLY a Doctor.

Sherry: Oh wow, this is going to be a really tough choice. I want to go in the Tardis.. just to prove to Jenn that there ARE other rooms in it. I also want to experience some piano sexage too.. tough decision.

David: *does some alien voodoo to entice Sherry* Come on Sherry.. you know you want to. You can be my Rose.

Sherry: I hate Rose.

David: Oh.. uhmmm. You can be my DONNA then. Because she's FIERCE.

Sherry: Okay!

Josh: Wait! *does some boots and piano sexage voodoo* Come with me........ don't let me walk away.

David: Shut up Josh. Just look at my shirt, Sherry. Don't trust that SLITHEEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Josh/Slitheen: How did you discover my secret???

David: Because I'm CLEVER!!!!!!!!!

Sherry: C'mon, let's go, David! Take me away!

The end.

I hope this cheers you up, Sherrehead! We love you!!!!!!!!!
20th-Nov-2008 06:33 pm (UTC)
best post ever y/y?
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