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Don't Give Up!
A Place for Grobies in Need of Cheer
For my Jena and my Kimmy! 
29th-Sep-2008 02:04 pm
This spam is for my beloved feelslike_2day and jgkimmy !!! I hope this makes you both smile :) *huggles*

Jess: Josh? I need you!

Josh: I need you too.


Jess: Later. But now, I need you to do something for two very good friends of mine.

Josh: What do you need?

Jess: I want you to spread some cheer! You need to come with me okay?

Josh: Okay, I'll get ready, where are we going?

Jess: first we need to pick up Jena, from teh land of almost never-ending snow!

Josh: Ready!!


Jess: *rolls eyes* It's not snowing now, you snurd!

Josh: Did you just call me a...snurd? *snort*

Jess: shut up, let's go!

*They drive for three hours to go pick up Jena*

Jess: *knocks on the door* Jena!!!! Get your butt down here!!

Jena: *opens door* JEss!!!!!!!! *tacklehugs*

Jess: Let's go Jena, we're going on a road trip!

Jena: too cold!

Josh: well, maybe this will help!


Jena: MMMM Tim Hoe's. I'm all better. Thanks Josh!! Okay, let's go!

*They all climb into the car, Jena in shotgun, Jess smooshed in the back*

Jena: By the way...Where are we roadtripping?

Josh: It's a surprise. If I told you, I'd have to kiss you.

Jena: Kiss me? Hee hee

Josh: I mean...oh nevermind. You two make my brain funny.


Jena and Jess: *evil laughs* we're good at that!!

Jess: SO Jena, we'll stop for coffee every hour, and before you know it, we'll be where we're going!

Josh: Every HOUR?!


Jess: Yes, every hour!

Jena: THanks Josh! *bats her eyelashes*

Josh: Anything for you ladies.


*After Zillions of hours in the car of SEX Josh pulls into a driveway.*

Josh: WE're here!!

Jena: Where?

Kimmy: *runs out of her house* Jena!!!!!!! Jess!!!!!!! *The three have a big hug* Oh hey Josh

Josh: Hey Kimmy!


Kimmy: *spanks Josh* THanks Josh!

Josh: Anytime! So what would you ladies like to-hey! *looks around no girls to be found, so he walks into the house* What are you doing?

Kimmy: Shhh! We're watching Chess!

Josh: But I'm HERE! I can sing the songs for you now!!

Jena: later, shush!

Josh: *grumbles* fine...I guess I'm just chopped liver. *More grumbling*


Jess: Sorry Josh. I'll have them with you soon!

Josh: You better, this was all your idea you know!!

*The girls sit enjoying Chess eatign Josh nuggets when suddenly Josh grabs Jena and drags her away*

Kimmy: That was weird. *They turn back to Chess*

***Meanwhile in another room***

Josh: Ha, I've got you now!

Jena: Why?

Josh: Guess


Jena: wha- OH!! Okay! *shuts the door against peeking*

*hours later Jena wanders out of the room and falls on Kimmy's couch*

Jena: I forget where I am.

Kimmy: *smirk* he must've REALLY tired you out.

Jena: Yes...I'm sleeping on your couch Kimmy...

Kimmy: sure! *goes to find Josh*

Josh: well hello Kimmy

Kimmy: *grins wickedly and shuts the door*

Josh: come join me


Kimmy: *giggles* not when you make THAT face!

Josh: This better?


Kimmy: hell yes!

*Another several hours later Kimmy and Josh wander out and find Jess and Jena sleeping on Kimmy's living room furniture.*

Josh: Wake up!!!!!


Jess and Jena: WE're up, we're up!!

Josh: Good. So since I figure we're in teh land of the cowboy for a few more minutes, I thought do my cowboy impression for y'all.

Kimmy: as long as you never say y'all again.

Josh: Deal.


Jess: That is SO hot.

Josh: I know


Josh: Now I need to know how to ride a horse

Jess: I'll teach you later! Now sing for us Josh, before Jena and I have to go back to Canada.

Josh: *sings his entire repertoire for them, and summons his piano of sex*


*The three girls drool the entire time*

Josh: I'm exhausted now.

Jess: I get to drive the porsche home!!! Bye Kimmy! We'll miss you!!

Jena: I miss you already Kimmy!!

Kimmy: I miss you guys too!! *more hugging ensues and Josh hugs them all*

*Josh, Jena and Jess climb into the porsche and Jess drives way too fast all the way home*

I hope you enjoyed your time with Josh Kimmy and Jena!!! Love you both! *huggles*

30th-Sep-2008 12:56 am (UTC)
lol I'm glad you loved Jenaben! Yeah I thought about it, but didn't want to upload to pb, lol. ;)

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