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Don't Give Up!

A Place for Grobies in Need of Cheer

You Are Loved - Joshly Goodness
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Cheering up Grobanites with Joshly love for all!

About Us!

Welcome to youareloooved, a community bringing cheer to Grobies everywhere! Having a bad day? Need some Josh-lovin' to cheer you up?
Look no further! Check out our pictures and videos to your Grobanized heart's content!


+All posts must include Josh- whether it be himself, the GroBand, or his family members.

+If you're posting more than 2-3 images please use an lj-cut. A couple is fine without a cut but more than three, things can get slow for those on dial-up and mess up everyone's F-list. We want to make you all happy with spammages, but not flood your f-lists.

+Posts can be made for a single person, a group of people, or no one in particular. When posting keep in mind that not every one knows where a particular photo is from (concert, event, etc), so if known, please state the source of the photo(s) you're sharing. :D

+Anything that could be considered a 'spoiler' for those who haven't seen a particular DVD (such as Noel) should be placed under a cut with a warning.

+This is community for videos or pictures, any news or questions about a previous or forthcoming album/appearance should be directed to __grobanites as well as any requests for music. If you have a question about the photo or video posted, you are more than welcome to ask.

+Be Nice! This is a community meant for cheering people up! Rude comments will not be tolerated. You will be banned.

+Lastly: Please do not promote your communities here, whether Josh-related or not. Thanks.


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